Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hottest Hero...Play-at-Home Edition (Final Round) Hottest Excerpt!

This is the last installment of the Hottest Hero Play-at-Home edition. Did you guys have fun? 

I had too much fun going through these prompts from ARe not to share them.

Thanks for visiting over these last few weeks and thank you for supporting some truly wonderful authors by voting for your favorites.

So who do you think is going to win? I know I can't wait to see who  has you all the hottest under the collar. ;p

This last round is an excerpt from the hero's story and his introduction of what you're about to read. I wanted something steamy this round. So without further ado...Craig is going to tell you what you get to read.

Craig: It took far too long for me to accept what I needed from Mary. We danced around each other, until we couldn’t stay apart any longer. I shouldn’t have been surprised at the beauty of Mary giving herself to me, but as it happened, it took my breath away. Hers too.

Instead of letting me tuck my tail between my legs and get away, he circled me. Even though the fire was not close enough to hurt me, I swore it was flames that licked my body wherever his eyes caressed me. I felt the pull of him as he strode within inches of me. His breath was warm on my face, and my traitorous nipples perked and tried to close the gap.

“Mary, there’s no need to lie about what you want. You’re hot for me. Your body wants mine. I can smell your desire.” And I could see his. That cocky grin sucked. When did he take control back? Craig might not be a vampire, but he’d dazzled me. There was no escape. Did I really want one? “I love that you’re already wet for me.”


“I made up my mind, Mary. No. Screw that. You made it up for me. I don’t doubt you can handle yourself. I just want the chance to handle you quite a bit in the process,” He stalked around me in long lazy steps. His fingers drew a pattern of heat as he reached out to touch me. “I want you. I’ll try and be gentle, but you know I’m not a refined guy.”

“I can’t believe I’m talking with a werewolf who’s trying to seduce me.” The red grew and I had to look to find the trees, through the billowing aura. I didn’t want to look though. The outside world had been so harsh and I was relieved to see it fade away.

Bending over, Craig reached for something, but his golden eyes stayed on me. “You know that’s our problem, Mary.” When he stood back up to full height he had that damn book in his hand. “We’ve spent all this time talking. These books you read tortured me.”

“They weren’t that bad.” Okay, I’m pretty sure I knew what he meant, but I wasn’t going to take that step until he did. Call me a wuss, or old-fashioned, but I wanted him to make that move. My nails dug into my jeans and gripped the seam. No way was I going to let my nails dig in where they really wanted. Yet.

“Mary, shut up.” And then his lips were on mine. The stolen kiss in Kari’s house was nothing compared to this. There weren’t people in the next room. Our small tent, with one small sleeping bag, was just behind us. The two lovers I drew on that paper paled in comparison to this. My drawing and the reality blended together when I opened my eyelids. Red billowing aura pulsed and bled from Craig. I leaned my head back to watch the cloud of sex explode upwards. I couldn’t take my eyes off the dance of crimson in the air, until Craig licked my neck. My eyes crossed before rolling back into my head.

His tongue made my skin sizzle. His hands gripped my ass and pulled me tight against him. My hands wouldn’t stay at my sides any longer. I felt his abs, his chest, and swept my fingers up to tangle in that gorgeous blond hair. My hands tensed and scored his scalp, the strands were so soft and thick between my fingers. My breath pushed my breasts closer to him. When that tongue dipped into my cleavage, there wasn’t a part of me that didn’t beg for his hands.

“Mary, if you are going to tell me no, do it now. But I don’t want to stop.”

“I don’t want to stop either. But…” It took everything I had to push him away. I was taking a meal from a starving man. He took deep breaths and flexed his hands. His jaw ticked. He thought I was going to stop—until I lifted my shirt over my head, and pushed down my jeans.

I stood there in my little t-shirt bra and white cotton panties. It was getting dark, and the bright white of my underwear glowed in the moon and firelight.

“I was wearing too many clothes.”

*passes cool water* 

Just kidding. We all know it gets way hotter than that. 

Good luck to the finalists, and thanks again for reading my Play-at-Home edition. 


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