Monday, July 1, 2013

Cover Me Excited!

Working with the editorial team at Samhain Publishing has been incredible.  I am almost sad to see the process end.  Okay, not really. (Editing and I are not buddies)  I need an editor with a whip and a harsh deadline to keep moving forward like I should.  Lisa Dunick pushed me in the most wonderful ways, and made me let go of words that didn't work, all the while making me create more words that I loved even more.  I can't thank her enough for everything she has done to help jump start my career.

Then one wonderful day...I got my cover art.  Kanaxa and I never spoke directly, but if I ever meet her, I will hug her and squeeze her and buy her alcohol.  I had some ideas about my cover, but between Lisa and Kanaxa they brought in new ideas that I will be forever grateful for.  

Now that I have gushed about the poster-worthy cover, you are dying to see it aren't you?  

Here it is.

Coming to Samhain Publishing October 2013, A Love Worth Biting For.

God, she's sexy!  
Samhain Publishing is holding her down for a few more months, but my heroine Amber won't let them keep her captive for long. Unless they use silver thread in the cuffs. ;p


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