Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sneak Peak at A Love Worth Biting For

Just two more months and Samhain Publishing is releasing Amber Paulson into the world of books for me.  I still shake myself that I have words out there for y'all to read.  I am ridiculously excited for everyone to meet the werewolf that has been snarking her way through my brain for so long now.

Now for a sneak peak at why I love this character so much.  The reading below has some NSFW language, because if you woke up like Amber did, you would be grumpy, too.

Hart Clan Hybrids Book One
Releases October 1st 2013

I was dreaming. There was a rabbit hopping ahead of me, and I was chasing it. Yeah. Okay. I have wolf dreams. But you don’t know how fun it is to tear a rabbit apart with your teeth. The way the fur feels against your tongue…
I was waking up.
“Do I not have your name right? Or are you already ignoring me?”
Damn. Guess the honeymoon was over already.
“I figured you might say that. So I brought coffee and bacon.”
“I’m awake.” I looked around. I sniffed the air. I frowned. “Where the hell’s the bacon?”
“That, my dear mate, is the point. There is no food here. My control is not where it needs to be. You have to venture out for us.”
I looked around. Crap. Were there any clothes we hadn’t destroyed? I got up and stalked outside to the shed behind the cabin. Our Pack kept a few scant necessities out there. Looked like I would get to do the walk of shame wearing a pair of SpongeBob pajama pants and a “Where’s the Beef?” sweatshirt. Goodie.
I went back inside to find my flip-flops. At least I knew they had made it through. Jake woke me up three different times during the night, and the last time, I had rolled on top of my shoes.
I growled at the chuckling behind me. Fucker was lucky I was going anywhere. If he kept laughing at me, I would make sure to eat everything I brought back right in front of him while I kept him tied to the fireplace.
Ohhh. Jake tied up. With rope.
“Amber! Whatever you are thinking, stop it! I can smell you from here, and if we both keep going like we did last night, we will die of starvation. You need to bring us food.”
“Are we already up to the ‘make me a sandwich’ stage? Keep talking, Jake. That should help with the sexy. I’ll totally be able to control myself if you don’t shut up.” Maybe. He was still naked. And I could tell from the tent in the blanket he had over himself, he was very much enjoying being naked.
He shook his head. His statuesque perfection was gone in the morning light and tousled black strands hit below his ears. The sex-rumpled thing looked great on him. He also didn’t have a scratch on his body that I could see. I knew he healed fast, but even when I was clawing at him like a cat climbing curtains, I couldn’t remember ever having made a mark on his skin.
“Before you talk, take a few steps back. Please. I need to have a little more control. You smell even more incredible than you did last night. If you are out of my immediate reach, I stand a better chance.”
I took a step back. The fact that he still wanted my body when it was covered with a fluffy, square sponge creature who lives in a pineapple made me feel good. Yeah, it could have been the mating thing, but my ego decided that it was my sexy bod he wanted instead.
“Sooo…what do I get for you? I know that you bit me last night. And it was fucking awesome.” He growled and the spot on my neck where he’d taken from me tingled. Hell, I tingled everywhere when he growled like that. “But was that enough to feed your Edward side? Or do I need to kidnap a coed? Because there is this little chick in my history class that has been really pissing me off.”
“I don’t want anyone but you.”
“Okay, that sounds sexy as hell, but do I need to worry about you sucking me dry? I’m not really up on how this works. And I didn’t really pay attention when they went over the not-really-mythical creatures run-down in Council sooo…what do you eat? Do you only eat meat?”
Sitting up, his feet hit the floor. After the back snapped off of the couch, we left it that way. It made a pretty comfy bed. His hands scrubbed over his face and ruffled his hair before he looked up at me.
“I don’t take enough to hurt people. I don’t actually need as much blood as full vampires. While I needed to bite you and feel your blood inside me, I promise you my orgasm was not due to physical nourishment.”
“Okay. So I don’t have to kidnap someone and give them a good old fashioned bleeding?”
“Sooo…fast food?”
“I would eat the wrappers right now.”
“Lots of fast food. I’ll be back soon. Do I need to lock you in?”
“You can do that?”
I shrugged. I wasn’t sure how much of our life I was supposed to share here. On one hand, he was my mate, and I should share everything with him. On the other hand, he was a fucking vampire. Were we supposed to keep our vampire and wolf lives separate? How could we? This was a mess.
“You’re not the first wolf to not have full control.”
“I’m a vampire.”
“With a furry side?”
“Just go get food.”
I took great pleasure in locking his ass in after that.

You can visit Amber at quite a few different places now.  She is making her rounds.  Look for this cover...

You can Pre-Order from the following fabulous ebook sellers.  Just click on the retailer's name.

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Also check out a bit more information about my book including the blurb and another excerpt here.

And don't worry.  There are good things ahead for Amber.  I can't wait until you take the journey with her.



  1. I love this book so hard. Can't wait!

  2. You should love it. You are one of the main reasons it exists. Thank you so much for giving me that push (read smack to the back of the head) to do this for real. :D

    And I am so ready for Beauty Bites to release this month! **New Book Celebrations**