Saturday, June 1, 2013

In the Hybrid Home Stretch

After a chaotic couple of days I am delighted to say that my first book is being finalized as we speak! (or as I type...whatever)

I have learned so much going through this experience, and thank goodness my editor is a VERY patient woman.

Some of the things I have learned...

1. Make sure Track Changes is on BEFORE you do your edits.
        There are probably all kinds of curse words that erupted from my editor's mouth about that.

2. Slow it down.
         My brain moves faster than my fingers at times, and I had to learn to break up my paragraphs into smaller more manageable chunks.  I had to stop my characters from their tendency to monologue.  Slowing down, let the impact of my important points really shine through.

3. Twitter is my friend.
        Sending a quick question, or letting my editor know there was a reason to check her email, was a fabulous way to get a fast response.  It also helped me from sending her endless..."So you got that and the file opened, right?" emails.  Twitter is apparently my editor's friend as well.

These are the things I can quantify.  I learned so many things that I can't fit into easy bullet points.  I learned where I am strong, learned where I need to improve (Hi my name is Roxy, and I have an ellipsis problem), and learned to spot these things in my next story.  Book 2 of my trilogy is covered with pink pen markups.

Mark your books with pink or purple pen folks.  It makes you feel better than if you murder your manuscript with red.  Or it makes me feel better at any rate. ;p

I am waiting on my ARCs now.  But mark your calendars folks!

Coming Fall of 2013...

Get your e-readers ready for The Hart Clan Hybrids Book 1.

A Love Worth Biting For by Roxy Mews

Who's afraid of the big bad hybrid? (I'm not. He's a hottie.)

She's trying to stay away.  He's trying not to turn furry.  They both fail miserably with plenty of enjoyable and sweaty property destruction.

I can't wait until you get to meet both Amber and Jake.  I went way past PG-13, and had a blast doing it.


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