Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Roxy Mews...Samhain Author? No way!

Reading and writing seem to go hand in hand.  I devoured books as a teen. I lived at the library and idolized the people that brought to life the stories I got lost in. I fell in love with vampires and read the Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith over and over and over.  And over.  I think my mother worried that I might try and bite her.

Then life happened.  I immersed myself in my school projects and getting ahead, and I was motivated to do everything I was supposed to do in life.  I did great.  I graduated with honors from high school and college.  I got a job.  I was…miserable.  I was doing everything I was supposed to and nothing I wanted. 

So I decided to lose myself again and picked up a book.  I remembered the worlds I loved, and found a fabulous author named Mary Hughes who showed me that vampires could be not only intriguing and angsty, but sexy and funny!  I had never read anything like this before.  Then I found Sophie Oak, and Shelly Laurenston, and Dana Marie Bell, and Victoria Dahl, and Lauren Dane, and Eliza Gayle, and well I could go on, but those women stand out in my mind.  They wrote about strong women who had a sense of humor that I could see myself in.  The humorous erotic romance genre…well it was home.  I found where I belonged. 

I was stalking websites and blogs and dying to read more.  In that search I kept returning again and again to a certain publisher.  I loved the books they published, I loved the authors they signed, and I loved their warnings at the bottom of all their blurbs.  Samhain Publishing became the golden ring I longed to reach for.  When I found the guts and shared some of my own writing I was thrilled with the positive feedback. Samhain Publishing was the first place I wanted to send it to.  I had never sent in anything for submission before, and I knew that I would be rejected a few dozen times before I ever saw a yes.  All the other authors told me so.  There was a ton of “don’t give up” and “it can take years” all over the place.  I was ready for that rejection. 

I wasn’t ready for the yes.  

I read those emails over and over.  They couldn’t be right.  But no matter how many times I read them, the words stayed the same.  And now I have started this crazy road to publication with the publisher I have been looking at with stars in my eyes for the past two years.  Some of my idols write here.  I still pinch myself when I wake up in the morning, and until release day, I will probably be waiting for the big bad to go wrong, but as of right now, I am finally saying it.

I am a Samhain Author.

Did you feel the chills?  I sure did. :D

Make sure to check out their store here . Read the blurbs and find a new author.  And make sure to look for Roxy Mews on the virtual shelves late this year.

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