Friday, March 29, 2013

Write drunk, Edit sober...

Write drunk, edit sober. 

Maybe that's why I like writing more than edits. ;p

I am trying to get into my first round of edits with the same gusto I had while writing the manuscript in the first place.  Only problem is I seem to be fighting an uphill battle over here.

Sickness has assaulted my home and work environment. Despite the endless amounts of sanitizing products I used, my immune system lost the battle.

So here I sit, going between hacking my lungs up and trying to see through the antihistamine cloud.

My grumpy Tinkerbell mug and I are not amused.  I am off to reheat my coffee again and try to be coherent. And sexy.  Cause nothing gets you in the mood for sexy writing like discarded tissues and coughdrop wrappers. :)

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