Friday, August 31, 2012

Editing...Get out your red pens!

I am going through my first round of edits, when I can sneak a few spare moments away that is.

August is my time-suck month of the year.  I have been two three birthday parties, two weddings, two sides of family visiting, and managed to run away from it all for one night out with friends.

A very dear and patient friend has sent me back my first ever editing suggestions.  She sent encouragements along with the suggestions and I love her all the more for that.

I have strength in my voice and story ideas.  I want everyone who reads my stories to feel like they walk away having met new friends and had a hell of time going along for the ride.

I have EPIC fun when I write.  The thing that I really find magical about putting words on paper, is that I get to share my joy in the journey of a book.  Now I get to polish the stones I have put along this path.  I can't wait for my first steps into the publishing world.

NOW...I need to get off the internet...get off my butt...and get to work making my dream job a reality. :D


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