Friday, May 1, 2015

How I Pretend to be Organized

I have had a few people tell me lately that I'm really organized.

After I picked myself up off the floor from falling out of my chair laughing, I tell them in no uncertain terms, that I'm not.

I DID, however, find a new planning style that seems to work for me. I've started using a technique developed by Ryder Carroll called "Bullet Journal". If you've seen me chatting about it, it's because I really can't shut up about how life-changing this has been for me.

The technique is using a basic journal and taking time every morning (or night before) and writing down everything you have to do.

Yes. I'm aware this sounds like a basic to-do list. But if you number your pages, use an index, and keep all of your to-do lists, all of your brainstorming sessions, all of your bills that need paid...if you keep it all in one book... Now that was an idea I could get behind.

I am a gal who adores technology. My phone is a shiny new toy, and I sure jumped on the e-reader bandwagon with gusto. BUT...there is something powerful about putting what you have to accomplish in writing.

Taking the time to put things on paper not only helps me remember them (because seriously...if it's not on paper, I won't remember), it also helps me feel a sense of urgency. I have my bullet journal open on the days I'm working from home, and I take it with me whenever I am at my Evil Day Job.

I have to look at those boxes sitting unchecked. Something about those poor empty squares pulls me off the couch and forces me to turn off Netflix. (Even though I desperately want to bingewatch ALL of Daredevil.)

Dumping my story ideas used to happen on whatever spare piece of paper was around. When I was ready to put a brilliant thought on paper, I was always running around trying to remember which notebook it was in.

Now...I flip to the next blank page, make a note in my index, and go! I find this system freeing in its simplicity, and inspiring in its ability to be adapted to exactly what I need at any given moment.

So that's my not-so-secret secret to how I give the illusion to the world that I have a handle on things. The technique is simple and not overwhelming and I am so in love with it, that I had to share. I've kept up with my little notebook for closing in on six months now, and I can't even imagine going back.

What do you do to keep yourself organized?

I'll make sure to keep a list of your suggestions in my bullet journal. :D


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