Thursday, April 16, 2015

No Foolin'...I'm Self-Published!

This month has been a crazy whirlwind of events. I am a firm believer in the sink or swim method of learning. 

If there's something I want to do, I'll do my research. I'll work hard, and I'll agree to do something even if I have no idea what I'm doing.

So...following my usual method of madness...I decided to self publish my first story!

The April Fools For Love Collection came about because all of us at the Lust With a Laugh blog wanted to do something fun together. 

Now we've released our own version of April Fun on the world. For just 99¢ you can pick up a little prank-filled fun from all four of us.

When the Lights Go Out is my contribution. 

Check out what happens when pranks go so wrong, that something amazingly right happens.


Named after the date of her conception, April Prime was used to hiding away and avoiding the world on April Fools’ Day. Or at the very least, avoiding her parents who tended to celebrate the holiday very differently from the rest of the world.

This year would be different. This year she closed on a home, and was taking control of her life. A few hiccups had her headed to an office supply store in search of moving supplies. Crashing through a bathroom door, she stumbled on a bit more than she expected when mister tall, dark, and indisposed was already using the facilities.

Taylor James was stuck being the brunt of yet another round of April Fools’ pranks. One of them being a change of the bathroom door signs. He went to work knowing he’d have to navigate a mine field. What he didn’t expect was a woman bursting in on him only to send his head spinning.

Despite the scenery, April is ready to make a red-faced retreat. That’s when a car crash knocks out the power to everything inside the store, including the electronic locks.

By the glow of the emergency flood light the two realize they may be stuck for a long while. April and Taylor could wait out the inconvenience in silence, or they could capture a moment together, and just maybe find something special when the lights go out.

Warning: Sex in the dark may lead to orgasms and head injury. 


I can't wait for next April Fools' Day!


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