Saturday, January 3, 2015

The World Needs More #Robosex

Yes. I used a hashtag in my post title. I'm making this take off. It's a thing. (At least it will be if I keep using it.)

The finalized forms have come back in, and I officially have a contract in for 2016!

Yes, you read that right. Over a year from now.

One of the things that shocked me the most about the publishing world is how long everything takes. I am not published with one of the large houses, but I truly believe that I am published with one of the best small presses out there. Samhain Publishing put out books I was always chomping at the bit to get my hands on as a reader, and now they publish the ones I write. (I still am in awe of that...seriously.)

But...getting things done well takes time. There's paperwork, edits, cover art, edits, marketing plan, edits, blurb writing, and yes...more edits. And all that needs to be done well in advance of release day, because all of that beauty gets formatted into one glorious file by the magicians behind the scenes.

So, with that in mind, if I want something published with this quality, and through this publishing machine of awesomeness, I have to get things moving quickly.

I am excited to say, that thanks to the encouragement (read hard push from through the computer) from my editor, my little quirky #robosex novella, Coral-600, is turning into a series! This book takes my favorite secondary character from Coral-600 and lets her tell her story. Get to know Paisley in my novella next month, and you will see why she HAD to have a book of her own.

I am a reader too, so I understand that a year is a REALLY long time to wait, so while you are waiting, make sure to mark your TBR pile to include Coral-600.

Here are some links for your wishlist and pre-order pleasure.


Samhain Publishing


Barnes & Noble


I am working hard on getting myself organized for the new year, and I'll post up a bit about the system I am using later, because I am really excited about it.

2015 is going to be exciting with four releases, but I am working my hardest to make sure I keep writing more as well, because I know I need to plan ahead. Here's to hoping I get my schedule filled all the way into 2017!

Happy New Year, and happy reading.


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