Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Coral-600...Pleasure is Not a Malfunction (#Robosex Excerpt!)

Coral-600 releases NEXT MONTH! (pardon me while I freak out)

I am so excited about this book. I fell in love with the characters the second I put them on paper. The story is told in first person POV from a robo-nonagenarian. Here's a taste of why I love my robobabe...

Coral-600 : The DMA Files Book 1

Pleasure is Not a Malfunction...


Sitting quietly in my room made me uncomfortable. I was programmed to constantly gather more information. I have the desire to learn new things. This drive kept me from being recycled as well.

“Coral. Could you please put on some clothes? Geez.” Paisley Compton shared my living space. She had volunteered to live with me because it gave her full access to the bathroom. Aside from the time I took to clean my skin and hair I didn’t need to use the other facilities as long as I didn’t consume human food or drink.

“I am in my room. You told me before that this was the only place for me to be without clothes that was acceptable. Has this changed?” I looked at Paisley and waited for her to answer. She threw my uniform into my lap. I caught it, of course. My reflexes were perfect.

“Normally I don’t care if you cavort around our room and flaunt that flawless skin. It gives me great motivation to skip dessert and makes me mildly question my sexuality, but…” Paisley stopped and waved her hands to hurry me up. I reluctantly replaced my uniform. I didn’t bother with the undergarments. My roommate smiled and continued to walk around the room in an agitated matter. “We have a visitor.”

I stopped buttoning my blouse halfway up to my neck. “We don’t have friends. Who is visiting us?”

“I have friends.” Paisley was upset that I pointed this out, but she didn’t socialize outside of her trips to the town tavern on the weekends. She shook herself and forced her mouth into a smile. “And you’re my friend, Coral.”

I found an odd warm sensation at that comment. I was a useful servant, and a maintenance-free appliance, but no one had ever called me a friend before.

“Then you are my best friend, Paisley.”

“Aww.” Paisley squeezed her arms around me, and I returned her greeting. “You’re so sweet, Coral.”

“You haven’t tasted me, how do you know my flavor?” I pulled from the embrace. “Besides, you are my only friend, therefore you will automatically be my best friend.”

“Coral, we really need to work on your people skills, but I don’t have time for a lesson. Quinn is going to be here in a couple minutes.”

“Why is Quinn coming to our room? Doesn’t he have his own? I refreshed the entire west wing for his visit.” The queen had wanted every room freshened before he came. He only used one room, but apparently the dust covers were creepy.

Quinn staying at the palace had doubled my workload, but I got a lot of help from the other mechanical staff. We worked through the night just as easily as through the day. Some of them did need recharge time, but give us a few extension cords and we were in business. My own body was powered by a perpetual motion mechanism, but magnetic recharge stations seemed to give me an extra jolt of energy. Paisley called it my mechanical coffee.

“Quinn pulled me aside after dinner and asked if he could talk with you. I think he likes you.” Paisley squealed. Her high pitch was grating on my gears, but even more so on my circuits. Once again I did not understand her excitement, but unlike everyone else over the decades, Paisley would explain.

“I don’t understand.”

Paisley sat down on the small bench at the foot of her bed. She patted the space next to her and I understood the signal as her wanting me to sit next to her.

“Coral, we’ve been roommates for a long time now.”

“You have only worked in the palace for six years.”

Paisley huffed her breath and the bangs she wore these days jumped off her forehead. She did this when she explained things to me. She became frustrated when I didn’t grasp certain concepts “Coral, that’s a long time for people. A lot of marriages don’t last this long. But that’s not my point. Before I arrange this I need to know how…er…lifelike you are.”

“My skin regenerates, and my motors are perpetual. I am very lifelike.”

“No…I mean, I know you have breasts, because you have them on display every night. You also obviously have all the outer lips that lend to the womanly look, but do you have a happy girl bean?” Paisley lowered her eyes and looked where my legs met my torso.

Oh. “Are you asking if I have a clitoris?”

“Unsexiest word ever. Who names our body parts? But, yes. Do you have the internal and external parts of our bodies that let us get horizontal with hotties? And more importantly, do you know how to enjoy having them? Even if you don’t, you still have breasts and a mouth, and most men can make due with those anyway.”

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