Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Hart Clan Hybrids Book Three...Coming 2015

I know I have been talking about Shelly for a long time. My Hart Clan Hybrids stories started with Amber Paulson, who I thought would take over the entire plot.

Then Shelly Meyers came on the scene, and I was fascinated with her. Shelly was a vampire who didn't really give a flying rat's ass about anyone but her little brother Jake.

She enjoyed things that felt good and gave the middle finger to anything that didn't fit into that category. (At least that's what she was like in my mind.)

Every time Buckcherry's "Crazy Bitch" came on I thought about Shelly. If you want to dance around your living room with me, here's the video.

Well, after fighting with her for a long time she finally let me write her story.

I can officially say I have signed the paperwork for Shelly's story to be told at Samhain Publishing. You will all get inside her miasma-filled brain near the end of 2015. Keep your eyes out for Three's a Clan.

Three's a Clan: Hart Clan Hybrids 3
Coming to Samhain Publishing in 2015

I know it feels like a long way off, but I have lots of other goodies coming your way while you wait.

First... Coral-600 is already under construction for release in early 2015, and will make you want a robot of your very own.

Second... The folks of Lust With a Laugh are all working on a special project. So keep your eyes open for future announcements on that. (I know. I'm a tease.)

Third...In 2015, Love's a Witch is coming out in PRINT! I will let you know as soon as pre-order links go live. I am super excited to have my name on paper.

Are you excited?  I am. And a bit apprehensive, because that's a LOT going on.

But that's tomorrow. Today, I have a cup of coffee, music, and a story on my computer that is making me smile.



  1. Yay! Love all the hybrids and I'm really looking forward to Shelly. Plus robo-goodies :) Congrats!!

    1. Thanks, Mary! I am so excited about the robots. I am working on #robosex right now (can you tell I am desperately trying to make that hashtag work?) and it's just making me smile. I love my robobabe.