Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Pre-Order is LIVE!

I must admit that I have been poking around at Amazon and Kobo for a bit to see if the pre-order links for Love's a Witch had gone live yet.  I don't bother with Barnes & Noble, because I know that they usually run a bit behind the other two.
Even though I was expecting it, I still let loose a little squeal when I saw my book up there. 

Now as I am sending out review copies, I am getting the nausea that comes with sending a book out into the world.  This one is very different from the first, and I am terrified, but in the best way.

I am off to update my website next.

This is when the whole author-thing gets real. I am off to celebrate...or chew my nails...either way.  Check out the links below.
AMAZON                              KOBO

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