Monday, March 31, 2014

Camp NaNoWriMo...Because I Have To!

I keep telling myself that this year I will be organized. This year will be the one where I figure out what I am doing with my career and plan ahead.

I even make New Year's resolutions. I will be on schedule this year.

It all begins well. I start burning the midnight oil. I am writing wherever I can. I have a whole list of projects. Then I realize that I don't have a clean pair of pants. If I want a clean spoon to eat my cereal, I need to go on an excavation to the bottomless depths of my sink. Even if I find a spoon, I would have to eat cereal out of a coffee mug because there are no clean bowls either. But that means I would have to chose between cereal and coffee, and let's be honest...there is NO competition there.

It is at this point that I realize I need to clean something. So I head to the store to buy a hazmat suit. I get a killer idea about how much more fun cleaning would be if the hazmat suits smelled like chocolate and gave massages. So I should write that down, because I could use it in a story some time...maybe...oooohhh look. I have a notification on Facebook! I didn't know that show was back on. Wow, I am really behind. Some one might be talking about spoilers. I better watch those fast.

Then all of sudden it is APRIL?!?! RT is about a month away. I have things to buy/do/prep/freak out about. And it is time for the one...the only...

So I am doing it. I am getting back on track. I am finishing edits, prepping for RT, and writing about robosex!
I can do it. Right?

If you want to keep track of me, check out my flailings at the NaNo website HERE. Or follow me on Twitter where I will undoubtedly be posting some of my hallucinations from lack of sleep.


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