Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Writer by Any Other Name...

So I've been thinking a lot about this lately and wanted to put it out there.

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I'm a writer. 

I know. Don't fall over in shock. The fact that I'm promoting my books all the time should have clued me into this little fact...

But shockingly, it didn't. I was reluctant to call myself a writer. 

I know many writers. I know professionals who have their own offices and keep a tight schedule and pump out books like crazy. I follow my idols and see them touting great reviews and best-seller monikers, and I know that they are legitimate writers. And I've read their books and they are awesome.
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So just in the past few weeks, I've been outing myself to people. When they ask what they do, the words "I'm a writer." have started coming out of my mouth hole. 

Nobody made me say it. Nobody looked at my day job and said, "No...what do you really want to do?" It was just me. Something changed in me recently and I can't figure out when it happened.

You might ask why this is blog post worthy, but I have a feeling there are a few other people out there who get it. Giving myself that label...that title...it's scary. The title puts me in the same camp as some of my idols. (Which I couldn't ever compare to.)

I am reading through a book that I am insanely proud of today to get the final notes out this afternoon. It will be my sixth title with Samhain Publishing. Crazy, right?

For all the other writers out there, when did you start giving yourself the title? Did you always know you were a writer? Or did it sneak up on you like it did for me?

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