Friday, May 30, 2014

Random updates and lying to my health coach...

 I have been a lucky sucker in this whole publishing business. I have met, both online and in person, the most amazing people. 

My next book Love's a Witch is in line on the Samhain Publishing website getting ready to be unleashed on the world. (It's only $3.85 right now if you pre-order in the Samhain Store. Ya case you wanted to order it. *subtly drops hint*)

I am working on blog posts and promo ideas for that book, but what I am really working on is my 2015 release schedule. 

Book three in the Hart Clan Hybrids series is still on my computer, because Shelly is giving me a hard time. Imagine that, right?

So I distracted myself with some robosex. If you follow me on twitter (@RoxyMews) you have heard me babbling about this for awhile. I hope to have some official announcements regarding that project soon. 

I can't use con recovery as an excuse anymore. That's only good for a week max. So I needed another excuse to not do what I am supposed to. Sooo...I got a kitten! 

Enjoy the incredible cuteness
We have been struggling to kittenproof the house and keep the dogs from chasing him. With hubby working lots of overtime it's been a struggle getting much of anything done, but it has been full of adorable kitten fun.

I have also been trying to lose weight, and overall be a healthier person. Writing tends to involve a lot of sitting in front of a computer and a diet consisting of coffee and chocolate. I packed on a few. So I am trying to eat better, get some exercise, you know...all the unfun things.  

I signed up for a health coach to hold me accountable. The only problem with this is...I totally lie to him. 

But I feel really bad about it! That counts for something, right?  It makes me eat better and work out the couple days before he calls. And my clothes totally weigh the extra five pounds I deduct from my weight. *watches out for lightning*

So in summary...I can't announce anything official, other than the fact that I have acquired a kitten.

Distracting you with kitten pictures!
BUT make sure you save some space on your e-reader for Love's a Witch. Below are some easy links for your 1-click desires.

SAMHAIN PUBLISHING **best price at the moment**

And just a little tease...because you get to hear a male voice in this upcoming book. I can't wait for you all to get inside Craig's head.

NOW...I need to get back to wrangling Shelly. If I don't get her under control soon, I think my editor may reach through my computer and smack me. 

Let me know what you are hoping to hear about in the trilogy. Because after the end of June...I wrap up writing it! 


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