Friday, February 28, 2014

Edits...oh, all-consuming, soul-destroying...thing.

There are some times when re-reading your own work is a pleasure, and you can't wait to take apart the pieces and let them fall into place.

Yeah. So that didn't happen this time.

I got lost for the last month in a haze of winter storms that kept me locked in my house, flu that kept me stuck in bed, and edits that had me pulling my hair out by the roots.

The words...all the angry red words!!!


Anyway, it took a lot out of me this round. 

I am putting the finishing touches on "Love's A Witch".  This is the second book in the Hart Clan Hybrids series and I am onto the last round of edits before I get that final glorious copy in my hands.

This book, just like book one, is in first person point of view.  The voices in my head like to talk that way, so that tends to be the way I write.  Mary and Craig are both telling their stories this time, and they were a lot more stubborn than Amber was.  Yes, it's possible.

By the end of all the work, though, Mary found her voice.  Craig got frustrated enough to follow along and do what I told him to. I am so happy with where the book and the trilogy has gone so far, and I am so excited to share this book with you.  As soon as I have the official release date, I will let you all know.



1. I have been working like a crazy person on a special blog project.  My favorite books all have humor prevalent in their pages. So I started with Mary Hughes and Jodi Redford.  I couldn't be more excited to launch the blog tomorrow. (follow @LustWithALaugh  on twitter for updates)

2. I am excited to take part in a Facebook party with Mary Hughes on March 5th. Her latest book Downbeat is the main attraction and it deserves to be.  I loved this book.  And I will be giving away a copy of A Love Worth Biting For and an Amazon or Samhain Publishing gift card to whoever comes to play with me. I'll even have a couple quotes from the next Hart Clan Hybrids book, Love's A Witch. ;p

3. I am getting my next projects in order, and getting ready to go to the Romantic Times Convention in May.  My publisher has some FANTASTIC things coming your way if you plan to party in New Orleans with us.  I will have swag from various authors, and other industry peeps.  So make sure if you see me running around, you stop and ask what I have left.  I will also have some special author cards that Samhain is printing up for me that I can sign to you personally. I only have 50, so ask early if you want one.

4. I joined Pinterest!  I will be posting some of my favorite things at the Downbeat release party, but you can snoop around the pictures I love HERE.

Now...I need to get to work on editing two more projects to submit, BUT...if I do any more editing I might cause an alcohol and coffee shortage in the US. 

I think I'll write about robosex instead. ;p 


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