Saturday, September 14, 2013

Getting Rear-Ended...and NOT in a Good Way

Guess what this is...go ahead.  Guess.

Torn wrapping paper?

Strange looking Jell-O?

Melted lipstick?

I wish.  

No, folks.  That is the bumper on my car.  A city truck slammed into me on the highway.  I have only been in one other accident before, and I was a lot younger.  Obviously age changes things, because it feels like more than my vehicle is trashed.  

I am working on projects, but thanks to some fun medications, my attention span is smaller than a kid walking through their favorite toy store.

With just over two weeks until my first book releases, to say this is a bad time is an understatement.  

I have been bouncing around on the Samhain Publishing best-sellers lists in Comedy and Vampires.  To see my book up there with Mary Hughes, Vivi Andrews, and Sierra Dean was amazing.  For everyone who pre-ordered my book I want to say thank you.  You've had me smiling through my prescribed haze.

I am working on some blog appearances to kick off the release.  

Some of the upcoming stops are...

September 17th - Guest Spot and Giveaway at Something Wicked (Thanks to Angie Fox for letting me invade!)
September 26th - Character Post and Giveaway at Scorching Book Reviews
September 30th - Guest Spot and Giveaway at Bookie Nookie Reviews
October 1st - RELEASE DAY! 
                        Guest Spot and Giveaway with Mary Hughes at her Blog

There may be more coming up as we get closer, so make sure to check out my website for the up-to-date list.

I would say I popped a cork to celebrate, but with all the back  medications I am on, I actually just drank some water and smiled really big.

Thanks for the smiles.


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