Friday, July 20, 2012

Editing is my enemy

I have just finished ripping my story apart on paper.  I have a few small books that I have written and a lot more that I have started and stalled on.

I love the creation involved in the first draft process.  That "Aha!" moment when a key plot point explodes in my brain is a major high.  My husband often looks at me like I am crazy when I run for the notebook like it contains the last of the earth's chocolate during a PMS epidemic.  But putting those words to paper are a major high.

Then I start editing.  And I have to throw away big chunks of that "Aha!" moment because in the light of the continuity of my book, they don't work anymore.  I have a binder that is slashed apart with big cuts and rewrites, where I swear I must have been falling asleep at the computer.

But the best part of tearing apart this book is it lead me to a major plot point struggle I was having with the final book in this novella trilogy.  I wrote it down on my big blank notebook of inspiration and just like that I am excited to get started on the next round.

So, I will continue to fight the battle of tearing this book apart.  And have a cool drink as I work through the impressive number of sex scenes I have worked into a 35k novella.  Werewolves are horny little devils. :)


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